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Bracken Tor

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Visit Devon Sustainability 2017

This year YHA Okehampton and YHA Okehampton Bracken Tor have been awarded their first Highly Commended Award for Sustainability by Devon Tourism Awards, reflecting the considerable efforts and sustained committment from Paul Elson and the teams in housekeeping, catering, activity and maintenance (including staff, work experience students and volunteers). The main contributing factors to the award come from the new building at Bracken Tor with features like the ground source heat pump supplying the entire building with low cost heating, the electronic taps with their on/off valves reducing water consumption and the LED strip lighting which we should not need to change in the next 10 years, based on their estimated life. The catering staff working hard to minimize their food waste, being creative with different recipes, as well as collecting the food waste for AN Digestion, that use it for BioGas production and fertiliser. The maintenance team has gradually been changing all the lights in the main hostel at Okehampton to LED style lights, as they fail. The housekeeping staff wash the hostel laundry, including all sheets and duvet covers, using an inhouse grey water system. Finally our Activities team reprogrammed their activities to minimize the use of minibuses and maximize the time spent on session.

John Elson, the Enterprise owner, said “All these efforts make business sense, as they reduce the costs of waste removal, water and electricity consumption and make for a more sustainable hostel business. We also valued the feedback from the visiting award inspectors as really useful in identifying areas that could be improved, such as signage, staff training and other future technologies.”

Bracken tor 2017