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Big Oke Abseil on ITV

The Big Oke Abseil featured in ITV's family fitness campaign on Daybreak.  Four families ventured to Devon, as a field trip to reward their efforts over the winter, to fit flab and get fit.  They visited the North Devon coast and went surfing, and came to Okehampton to undertake the fit your fears part with a free-fall descent from Meldon Viaduct.

To view the video clip ITV Daybreak's Downsize the Family

The Big Oke Abseil is a free-fall abseil, hence without a wall to 'walk' down, so it can be quite daunting when viewed from below.

Many of the family members made the attempt in spite of their fears of heights. 

The Big Oke Abseil is open for public sessions during the school holidays and can be booked any time for charity events, groups and stag parties.


Use your tesco clubcard vouchers

tesco club card vouchers

Have plenty of tesco clubcard vouchers and want to save on your holiday this year?

At Okehampton Youth Hostel or Bracken Tor Youth Hostel, Tesco clubcard vouchers can be used for the accommodation part of your activity holiday during school holidays. This will reduce the costs of your holiday, as you'll only pay for catering and adventure activities.

In order to use the vouchers, you must state this request at the time of first booking your holiday, so please enquire when making your booking, for further details on how to use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to enjoy your holiday.

Under current terms and conditions, this offer is not available for group bookings, only families and individuals may use these vouchers.

At Okehampton YHA we have restrictions on the use of your Tesco Vouchers for 2014:

  • Must be stated at the time of first booking
  • Must be used for a minimum stay of 2 nights (there is no maximum stay)
  • Cannot be used in combination with any other promotion
  • Can only be used for room bookings (not camping and not en-suites)
  • There are limited numbers of rooms available on each night.



Dartmoor App

Check out this new App!

Dartmoor Partnership have developed a new app for your phone, where you can view events, find accommodation, places to eat or places to go.  It's a cool app that uses the mapping function on your phone, and can show you places around your current location.  So next time you're looking for something to do around Dartmoor, just download the app from the app store and you'll be ready go!  We're on the Discover Dartmoor web-site, so you can find out more about our events using this app!

Special Offer for Summer Holidays 2013

Our special  offer of 10% off published prices for the 7 day summer camp at Bracken Tor applies to bookings made prior to 31 January 2013.   This offer requires a deposit of 25% to be made prior to the expiry of the offer period and cannot be used in conjunction with any other special promotion


War Horse Filmed on Dartmoor

The next Steven Spielberg Film is based on Michael Murpago's book "The War Horse", which was partly filmed around Dartmoor.  It's due to be released on 13th January in the UK. If you inspired to visit Dartmoor. Come and see the landscapes that inspired the book and the film, and try for yourself the experience of riding on Dartmoor with our Pony Trekking activity.