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Big Oke Abseil on ITV

The Big Oke Abseil featured in ITV's family fitness campaign on Daybreak.  Four families ventured to Devon, as a field trip to reward their efforts over the winter, to fit flab and get fit.  They visited the North Devon coast and went surfing, and came to Okehampton to undertake the fit your fears part with a free-fall descent from Meldon Viaduct.

To view the video clip ITV Daybreak's Downsize the Family

The Big Oke Abseil is a free-fall abseil, hence without a wall to 'walk' down, so it can be quite daunting when viewed from below.

Many of the family members made the attempt in spite of their fears of heights. 

The Big Oke Abseil is open for public sessions during the school holidays and can be booked any time for charity events, groups and stag parties.