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  • Suitable from 5 upwards
  • Sessions for novices to intermediate climbers
  • Range from Climbing Wall, Weaselling, Bouldering to Rock Climbing
  • Best between March and October

Dartmoor is a wonderful place for both groups and individuals to climb.

Many of the granite tors scattered across Dartmoor offer a range of routes, perfect for beginners to start through to more experienced climbers looking to challenge themselves on granite. At Adventure Okehampton we offer various opportunities for learning the basic skills of climbing whether it’s on our onsite climbing wall or on our rock days.

Climbing Wall

The climbing wall at YHA Okehampton has multiple routes, with different angles, with a few ledges, so its’ possible for novices to start learning skills on climbing and belaying. It’s a great way to understand climbing skills before trying them for real on Dartmoor rocks. Suitable all ages and group types. Offered as part of the Goods Shed Superheroes day.

Booking our Mobile Climbing Wall

Our mobile climbing wall is available to book for events and shows around Dartmoor and North Devon. The easiest way to start for novices, the 8 m high mobile wall has 4 near vertical routes with self-belays, so easy to use for beginners. The wall has four different climbing faces with a range of sizes of holds allowing for simple and more complex routes. The near vertical faces are more challenging than our static climbing walls. It has an auto-belay system which means that if a participant falls the belay system arrests their fall. During a full day session it is possible for participants to climb the equivalent of the height of Everest, so it’s a great target for fundraisers. In terms of visiting external venues, please email or call the Activity Manager for information, as access may be limited by the access to the venue or local roads.

In the summer holidays, the wall will be at the Mid Devon Show (Tiverton), Okehampton Show, Chagford Show, Lustleigh Show and other events around the moor.

Rock Climbing (Taster Session)

Looking at trying your hand at rock climbing? Then this session is for you. Our Instructors will take you to one of our stunning venues on Dartmoor. Climbs will be set up that will be perfect for your first time on the rocks. By the end of the session you will be hooked and wanting more! Bookable as part of the Meldon Intrepid Explorers day during school holidays or for all types of groups at any time of the year. Suitable for age 8 upwards.

Dartmoor Rock Day

This one-day course is suitable for families looking for more than a taster session. A full day exploring our beautiful location getting to know Dartmoor’s Tors. Scramble your way through Weaselling, on to Bouldering then up the crag for Rock Climbing. Suitable for the complete novice, it’s an ideal way for the family to safely learn all the basics of climbing, abseiling, basic rope work and belaying. Bookable as part of the Dartmoor Rock Day during school holidays or for all types of groups at any time of the year. Suitable for age 8 upwards.

Day Skills course: Introductory Climbing

Looking at getting into rock climbing? Then our Introduction to Climbing day course is for you. Our instructors will take you onto Dartmoor, a perfect location for rock climbing, to cover the basics. On the course you will be shown basic rope work and how to belay, whilst getting some quality time on the rock. Aimed at older age groups who want to develop their skills further and several day courses can be booked over a period of time, if progression is required for the group.

More about rock climbing on Dartmoor

If you’re already a climber, then Dartmoor has plenty to offer. Around Okehampton there are a number of sites such as Irishman’s Wall at Belstone, which is a favourite for our instructors getting in some after work climbing, with many routes including Caffreys Severe 4b, Bank Holiday Bimble VS 5a, White Spider Directissmma E2 5c. The Dewerstone is another favourite location for our instructors. According to the BMC guide, the rocks at Dewerstone are home of the demon Dewer, who continues to trick unsuspecting punters and throws them off the edge into the waiting jaws of his spectral hounds. The rock is granite and routes have been developed at Dewerstone since 1935, so well known to many climbers in the region. There is a complete list of the routes on Dewerstone on the BMC database. Other spots you can find our instructors on Dartmoor are Haytor (aka Hay Tor), Low Man’s, Hound Tor and Sheep’s Tor.

Recommendations from our staff

Our instructors recommend: “One of our favourite destinations lies at Bone Hill, west of Bovey Tracey. These rocks offer over 100 different routes, of all different grades, so is an excellent place to head for a day’s bouldering on Dartmoor”.

Our Centre Director recommend: “We would always head off to Dewerstone for an exciting day of rock-climbing. My favourite is Central Groove, but there are lots of other routes that are challenging and plenty of different levels, so there’s something for everyone there.”

There are many different sources of information on Climbing on Dartmoor we have listed some below:
Javu’s Guide to Climbing in South West England.
This is a web-site with information on climbing in the South-West.
Rockfax’s database of climbs
This website provides support for the Rockfax guidebook. They have a Route Database which contains a listing of every route in their publications with a full description and the possibility to vote on the grade and quality of the route, and log your comments. It includes areas such as Baggy Point and Haytor.

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