High Ropes

At a Glance

  • Suitable for 8 years upwards.
  • Great for team building challenges
  • Good views from the top

Hang around with us on our High Ropes, where you’ll climb up to tree-top level looking out over Okehampton!

We have six different elements in total, you can try the triple traverse, balance on the scales of justice and then if you dare take the leap of faith! These separate parts of the course provide a range of challenges suitable for both teams and individuals.

For team building challenges, there are at least 3 elements on the course that are essential.

Jacobs Ladder, is a series of ladder rungs that up to 6 can stand on, so the challenge becomes to get each team member to scale the ladder, which means working together to help each team member climb onto the next rung. Sounds simple, but the rungs have different height intervals, so get steadily more challenging.

All Aboard, with the view from the crows nest. This requires each team member to scale the pole, then each team member has to climb onto the “nest”, a small 3 foot square platform. Not much space for 4 team members, so again team work is essential. A series of small exercises will then see how well you trust your team, as each group have to work together, leaning out from the top, each holding hands for support.

Crate stack challenge, brings some member of the team back to the ground, as then two team members build the stack, whilst the other team members pass them up, and the team who creates the highest stack are the winners!

Great session for all types of groups and team building. hen parties, stag parties, sports clubs (rugby, cricket, football), scouts and guides, corporate team building.

Sessions can be run at any time, please check the ‘book now’ for available dates or use the ‘contact us’ form for more dates


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