Team Building

At a Glance

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Corporate team building skills to bond for new groups
  • Can be part of a team day using the function room at Bracken Tor
  • Creative thinking for all levels
  • Problem solving sessions for teams

Looking for team building in the Dartmoor area?

Then look no further, we run these sessions from two stunning locations (Bracken Tor and the Good Shed), and the session can be a brilliant way to break the ice or as a tool for team development. We have plenty of challenges available from physical to mental to test every part of your team. You could try the plank walk activity, where without team co-ordination you cannot compete with the other teams to cover the course. Then there’s the water task, or “get the ball over the obstacle course”, but without touching either the ball or the floor. These challenges brings people together, making them think about the process of working in co-ordination, so that the challenge is finished. A series of challenges can make for a full day or they cam be combined, so that they are undertaken over several days.

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