At a Glance

  • Suitable for 5 upwards
  • Can be run for families and groups
  • Can be combined with other activities for a day out

A weasel is a small mammal that lives on Dartmoor and spends it’s time hunting for prey, by running through narrow passages in rock outcrops and squeezing through holes and it gives it’s name to this adventure activity!

As you can imagine, this is great around our granite tors, where there are small outcrops with lots of holes and passages to explore. It is a cross between bouldering, scrambling and potholing. It is not as extreme as Rock-Climbing, it doesn’t go underground, but you do get to squeeze through narrow spaces and is great fun for kids.

This activity forms part of the Dartmoor Family Rock Day which runs on Wednesday’s during the school holidays and places can be booked until 16.00 the day before.

This activity can be booked as a private group session for more than 6 individuals and can be run at any time of year.

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