Air and Army Cadets

At a Glance

  • All our packages can be customised for different types of youth groups
  • Possible to combine activities and camping at hostel
  • Skills based courses delivered over several days

For Army and Air Cadet force groups that are interested in doing some activity days, then contact us for some suggestions and a quotation.  We manage access to Meldon Quarry and Meldon Viaduct for group training exercises and work with your officers to develop a more challenging programme.

The most popular combinations for these types of groups includes Lake Day for paddle skills sessions, Meldon Day with Rock Climbing, Big Oke Abseil, Tyrolean Traverse and Mountain Biking skills, or Reaching New Heights for team building and balance skills sessions.

Ten Tors Training

Get familiar with the terrain on Dartmoor, tackle the navigation challenges of open moorland with no paths and understand the art of crossing small streams, boggy areas and heather moors. We can provide your groups with support and training to tackle the most famous Dartmoor experience for young people:  Ten Tors 35, 45 or 55 mile challenge held in May every year.

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